Reproductive Stud List

Below you can find information about the various studs that are available for breeding. If you are interested in any of the studs below, please contact us. We will reach out to the owner and pass along your contact information so they can contact you directly.

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Reproductive Studs Alphabetical By Breed

Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Humbabarauma of Synergon HP40859702 Afghan Hound
Xandramani X.D. Bremmen HP39657501 Afghan Hound
Zabar 900074001523083 Afghan Hound
Namika’s Stone Cold Independence WS 22992302 Akita
TLC’s Accidental Fortune WS 34205507 Akita
Brick   American Border Collie
BVK Voorhees ABKC 471969 American Bully
Hurt’s Willie HP 28315301 American Foxhound
Bellridge’s Chili Ancho RN31200602 American Hairless Terrier
Bellridge’s Utah Gold RN28046909 American Hairless Terrier
Bellridge’s Whole Lota Love RN35119402 American Hairless Terrier
Legends’ Zeus K13896AP-91 American Pitbull Terrier
Albritts Viking Warrior DK 09764/2013 Australian Cattle Dog
Clearidge Outback Dinkum DN16701302 Australian Cattle Dog
D And L’s Blue Bandit DL 90467801 Australian Cattle Dog
DMCC Iceman DN54157501 Australian Cattle Dog
Hillhaven Bull By The Horns DN30114702 Australian Cattle Dog
Hobo of Hesperia Ca DL 67039702 Australian Cattle Dog
Jacaru DN39050001 Australian Cattle Dog
Kuawarri Vaquero DL733792/03 Australian Cattle Dog
Kurpas’ Forgotten Harvest DN44724001 Australian Cattle Dog
Kylie’s Good Onya Rowdy DN21204601 Australian Cattle Dog
Kylie’s Smack Doodle Shine DL68938605 Australian Cattle Dog
Kylie’s Solar Flare DL68938602 Australian Cattle Dog
On The Lamb Ride An Old Paint DN26043101 Australian Cattle Dog
Rocking K Tater Salad DN 10063001 Australian Cattle Dog
Spader Charles M Russell DN 02823004 Australian Cattle Dog
Spader Game Changer DN56204203 Australian Cattle Dog
Spader Moustakas Kuawarri DN43402202 Australian Cattle Dog
Spader Vintage Vaquero DN 22931802 Australian Cattle Dog
St. Etienne’s Ramblin Man DN44835006 Australian Cattle Dog
Willowpark Mick Dundee Australian Cattle Dog
Willowpark Bush Tribute Australian Cattle Dog
Firethorne’s Bold Pik DL 637844/03 Australian Shepherd
Micky ASDM-KS-1800126 / CKC-AU-05270199 Miniature Australian Shepherd
Mumford   Australian Shepherd
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Arkmo’s Chopper HP30343105 Beagle
Buck Hills Buddy HP41810402 Beagle
Botox Vom Der Hexenkanzel P778-515 Belgian Malinois
Adam El Tanin DN 32697702 Berger Picard
Paco Rabanne Von Romanshof WS67320901 Bernese Mountain Dog
Rocket To The Moon Apollo WS57467004 Bernese Mountain Dog
Craigdale Chip Off the Rock NP135187/02 Bichon Frise
Combs & Smith Smokey AKC 067/256
UKC 1777762019
Black & Tan Coonhound
Terminator WR 034822-03 Black Russian Terrier
Huggables Heartland Neon Sky HP20433603 Bloodhound
Sherick Red Hot Equation To Buff HM93360911 Bloodhound
Sherick’s Dash N Leaps and Bounds HP51271202 Bloodhound
Grnitech “PR” Deans Blue Mose U699,843 Bluetick Coonhound
Satus Brute   Border Collie
Hot Sauce ABC485654 Border Collie
Quinn   Border Collie
Sam ABC499475 Border Collie
Train ABC423756 Border Collie
Ho-Pa’s Amunra WS40366501 Boxer
Ho-Pa’s Anubis WS40266502 Boxer
Olympic W Harmony’s Distance Traveld WS40143403 Boxer
Rikars Crime of the Century TV184405 Boxer
A Trace of Bourbon With Diamonds SR82247606 Brittany
Bony Bud SR51501602 Brittany
Double Shot of Jack Daniels SR78259009 Brittany
Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper 1642340 Brittany
Alvin Jennings Schmidt SN 590448/02 Brittany Spaniel
CC’s Beast of Burden WS054308/01 Bull Mastiff
CC’s Get Off Of My Cloud WS24047503 Bull Mastiff
Freedom Bullies Chocolate Tri Titus NP46999102 Bulldog
Major League Silver Slugger NP 05692901 Bulldog
Shadowland’s Handsome Casanova NP 988688/07 Bulldog
Sharon’s Git-R-Done Handyman Hodge NP25552203 Bulldog
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Shere Kahn Il Difensore 1401849 Cane Corso
Timoniere Ramirez “Czar” 901437 Cane Corso
Winged’s Woodpile P876-168 Catahoula
Winged’s Boudin P876-169 Catahoula
Spinnaker’s Bleu Martini SR90404101 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Bur Oak’s Genuine Couper SR86591001 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Bur Oaks Unique Trapper SN 910211/03 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chesastar Hudson Bay SR63615405 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Great Lakes The Deliverer SR95286001 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Ironstone 3-D’s Blaze of Thunder SR87304904 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
K-City Jake SS03658005 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Lzy Mtn Pipers 3D Brown Bear SR67778106 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Musky Bays Countryside Turbo Diesel SR80789401 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Rudys Little Pistol SR82083601 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Barbarby’s Reigning Knock Out Starboy NP59890601 Chow Chow
Ace’s Setum Up Joe UKC M761,124/
PKC F93-04287
Coon Hound
Reece’s Pistol Pete U 237, 930
DIS 98-01910
Coon Hound
Evans Creek Willie M658,386 Coonhound
PR Insane Frosted Train UKC W193.091 Coonhound
Chenoweth’s Smokey III PKC 5596 01649
UKC M556 478
Booger Hollow Mojo HP28804501 (vial 06H4) Coonhound
Burgess Henry   Coonhound
Clearfork Brazos Wipeout Brumby 675027 Coonhound
Crow & Spence’s Diamond AKC HP32129301 Coonhound
DeLong’s King UKC M589, 471
PKC 960 8299
Evans Creek Boone U982,380 Coonhound
Finlay River Sting U736,761 Coonhound
Houghton’s Blue Mayhewm W535,515 Coonhound
Mason 09-04914 Coonhound
Neosho River Gyro Joe UKCW130.992,
PKC 012-09874
Scipio Big Timber C15-08-10087 Coonhound
Steeley’s Blue Patch’s Buck 616212 Coonhound
Tequila Sunrise HP23116401 Coonhound
Big Dog   Coyote Dog
Buckaroo Ledoux   Coyote Dog
Fuzz   Coyote Dog
Hank   Coyote Dog
Hurley   Coyote Dog
Jack   Coyote Dog
Leo   Coyote Dog
Lucky   Coyote Dog
Nemo   Coyote Dog
Petey   Coyote Dog
Spot   Coyote Dog
Wolfie   Coyote Dog
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Dasco Von Renniz Deutsche Schaferhunde
Alex WS78062702 Doberman Pinscher
BJF The Phantom Tollbooth WS 007444/21 Doberman Pinscher
Blackjack Bluffer Von Jahrestal WS47979701 Doberman Pinscher
Cambria’s Limited Edition WS53006105 Doberman Pinscher
Destiny’s Phoenix Highway To Hell 941000011448501 Doberman Pinscher
Gaindyke Yolo WS 10252901 Doberman Pinscher
Horizon’s Seriously Sinatra WS38093001 Doberman Pinscher
Ikons Te Tahi 02443-2011 Doberman Pinscher
Kansa’s A Continual Soiree WS65709101 Doberman Pinscher
Kansa’s Fire It Up WS33361903 Doberman Pinscher
Kansa’s Out All Nite v Tristar WS1243509 Doberman Pinscher
Kansa’s Primus Inter Pares 131673357 Doberman Pinscher
Kansa’s Smooth Operator WS43822006 Doberman Pinscher
Kansa’s the Victoria Cross WS47024103 Doberman Pinscher
Miravia UR Time Is Gonna Come WS37209202 Doberman Pinscher
Mitto Del Masi 705060002071234 Doberman Pinscher
Nellos Lex Luther   Doberman Pinscher
Nostra van de Donauhoeve 981100004042246 Doberman Pinscher
Valiant’s Alfa Romeo X0096205Y01 Doberman Pinscher
Victor Van Roveline X0096205Y01 Doberman Pinscher
Wilken’s The Persuader’s V Kani WS 30445701 Doberman Pinscher
Dog’s-Land Abszolut Epic (hungary) WS47542601 Dogue De Bordeaux
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Mack   English Bulldog
GRNITECH GRCH ‘PR’ Rainbow River Cruiser W285,699 English Coon Hound
Attitude’s Iron Will FDSB1623746 English Setter
Barn Owl Mike 1678476 English Setter
Go For Broke 1605292 English Setter
Jacked Up Jasper 1645583 English Setter
Jetsetter 1547777 English Setter
Montero’s Rock FDSB1547777 English Setter
Oakley’s Smoke SR78631102 English Setter
Phantom’s Skyhawk FDSB1662440 English Setter
Plumthicket Webster 1561165 English Setter
Shagtime Max 1672832 English Setter
Skipper’s Kentucky Bo FDSB1645384 English Setter
Skyview Black Onyx FDSB1703867 English Setter
T’s Nickleback FDSB1651964 English Setter
Tekoa Mountain Paladin FDSB1595467 English Setter
Traveler’s Split Rail FDSB1662940 English Setter
Wynona’s Last Sunrise FDSB1663578 English Setter
Adamsmark 2nd Chance SR 36511701 English Springer Spaniel
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
N’ Havens Denali Mountain View SR 24547702 Field Spaniel
Buster Bishop 234098 Foxhound
Four Bishop 247280 Foxhound
Robbie Bishop 254735 Foxhound
Seven Bishop 247279 Foxhound
Snapper Bishop 229787 Foxhound
Casper Fan De Francofiel NHSB3164276 French Bulldog
Chili Pies Red Blue Genes Meatball NP 26410702 French Bulldog
Cordilleras Blue Hummer NP 30504408 French Bulldog
Everett By Amazing Surprise French Bulldog
Faithful Frenchies Vegas NP58708705 French Bulldog
Frenchie Lords Bentley French Bulldog
Piece Of The Rock Fletcher NP 14755503 French Bulldog
Rush Hour NP 14755503 French Bulldog
Snowflakes Bright Stripe NP 38666901 French Bulldog
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Axl Vom Drei Schwarze Engel DN49056701 German Shepherd
Di-Da’s Rocky Of Kerstone DN 28025903 German Shepherd
DW’s Worrywort Hijack My Heart (22) NHSBG12862774 German Shepherd
Fritz Vom Felsenschloss DN66968701 German Shepherd
Hairy Brute Du Bois Des Ternes DN73892401 German Shepherd
Iko Vom Finkenschlag DN72157301 German Shepherd
Jackdaw De Rossi DN50743302 German Shepherd
Kerstone Worrywort Turbo Charge DN35136801 German Shepherd
Oreo Vom Ortskern DN58617902 German Shepherd
Riky of Alex DN48948001
German Shepherd
Surefire Kanaka Kona DN 21856507 German Shepherd
Worrywort Carpe Diem DN42203302 German Shepherd
Worrywort CJ Jackal The Great DN17664502 German Shepherd
Worrywort Kaleb Raphael (57) DN32660707 German Shepherd
Worrywort Picture Perfect DN42722307 German Shepherd
Worryworts Grill Sargeant DN28887502 German Shepherd
Regalwise Hero DN24509202 German Shepherd
Regalwise Noble Denver Alpha DN15658301 German Shepherd
Worrywort Bada-Boom Bada-Bing DN15355001 German Shepherd
Ammertals Baron VD Wildburg SR 38518801,
German Shorthaired Pointer
Ammertal’s Jake SE 891393 German Shorthaired Pointer
Aspen Hill Standing Invictus One SS08255701 German Shorthaired Pointer
Axel Vom Stillwater SR34165008 German Shorthaired Pointer
Baron Von Essergreif’s SN683000/03 German Shorthaired Pointer
Bellridge’s Love Bug SS03637703
German Shorthaired Pointer
BDK’s Chloes Jax Of All Trades SR 45744505,
German Shorthaired Pointer
BDK’s Dirty Harry SR97498101/
German Shorthaired Pointer
BDK’s Gold Mine Claim Jumper SR83518202
German Shorthaired Pointer
BDK’s Sin City Wildcard SR46968202 German Shorthaired Pointer
Burke’s JT Jax SR93600705 German Shorthaired Pointer
Chips Von Socrates SD135305 German Shorthaired Pointer
Chisholm Creek Riptide SR26350006
German Shorthaired Pointer
Chisholm Creeks Cuttin Loose 1555680 SN 92819910 German Shorthaired Pointer
Chisholm Creeks Jax Orbetter SR07771403
German Shorthaired Pointer
Cooper Vom Stillwater SR 48421706 German Shorthaired Pointer
Deutscher’s Ace A Matic SN 74911002 German Shorthaired Pointer
Double J’s Cuttin Wild Country Boy SS05894001 German Shorthaired Pointer
Duke II Polovanie Von Wagger SE 738886 German Shorthaired Pointer
Esser’s Ace VD Wildburg SR32920704 German Shorthaired Pointer
Essers Frisco von der Wildburg SN 205728/09 German Shorthaired Pointer
Esserssiavdwildburg SR77885504 German Shepherd
FC H’s AM Cruiser SR90383501 German Shorthaired Pointer
Free Flight’s Bubba SR 33381302 German Shorthaired Pointer
Friedelsheim’s Excelsior SR 44874802 German Shorthaired Pointer
Gunner Jay’s McKenna SR75261505 German Shorthaired Pointer
Gunslinger’s Outlaw Zeke SR 15962907 German Shorthaired Pointer
HCK’s Clowns Last Straw SS00845305 German Shorthaired Pointer
HK’s Prime Cut SR65794602 German Shorthaired Pointer
Hunt’Em Up’s Elevated Standards SR88675309 German Shorthaired Pointer
JW Ruhlmann’s Trigger Boy SR67053401 German Shorthaired Pointer
Kerns Lancers Dacotan Andy SE 849223 GSPICG German Shorthaired Pointer
Kimber Tactical AFDSB 1652747 German Shorthaired Pointer
KJ’s Hightailing Saddle SF391757 German Shorthaired Pointer
Milane Candyman Beaugeste SB615560 German Shorthaired Pointer
Minnadakota’s Hahn Von Baroque SR41412104 German Shorthaired Pointer
Minndakota’s Hustleburg Enzstrand SR 42572803 German Shorthaired Pointer
MRT’s Bingo Buck SN67297002 German Shorthaired Pointer
Muddy Creek Ruger SR 56843101 German Shorthaired Pointer
Patten’s One In A Million SR366766-01 German Shorthaired Pointer
Pine Acres Rusty Saddle SN822615/08 German Shorthaired Pointer
Pointing Home Chico V Spitfire SR 37648805 German Shorthaired Pointer
Pointinghome Sirvon Chicosky SR 11685602 German Shorthaired Pointer
Saddleup Stradivarius V Stick SR 25950502 German Shorthaired Pointer
Sharp Shooters Go For Broke SS12803702 German Shorthaired Pointer
Sharp Shooters I Bring The Lightning SS01682402 German Shorthaired Pointer
Sin City Slick Ace SN 306791/01 German Shorthaired Pointer
Snip Rip Tear SN 206576/03 German Shorthaired Pointer
Snowy River’s Cuttin Country SR71483203/
German Shorthaired Pointer
Snowy River’s Cuttin The Edge SR57551606 German Shorthaired Pointer
Snowy River’s Full Strut SR71483201/
German Shorthaired Pointer
Snowy River’s Sambo Smokin SR34647809 German Shorthaired Pointer
Snowy River’s White Out SR86980805/
German Shorthaired Pointer
Sternjagers Windstorms Kaiser SS01765909 German Shorthaired Pointer
Striker’s Flash of Gold SN50209108 German Shorthaired Pointer
Sundance Autumn’s Augestine SS01145406 German Shorthaired Pointer
Sundance Cutting Edge SN86514004 German Shorthaired Pointer
Sundance Jet Stream SN76370309 German Shorthaired Pointer
Sundance Luftwaffe Radar SR51742506 German Shorthaired Pointer
Sundance Revelation SR 070522/07 German Shorthaired Pointer
T Just Dandy Man SN91852804 German Shorthaired Pointer
SW’s Parkers Blazin Barlow SR77212504 German Shorthaired Pointer
Wildfires Duke Von Wagger SN 251893/01 German Shorthaired Pointer
Willow Creek’s Rooster Tales SR60343103 German Shorthaired Pointer
Uodibar’s Chocolate Wonder SR44789304 German Shorthaired Pointer
Uodibar’s Party Punch SR48369203 German Shorthaired Pointer
Uodibar’s Woodman SR08289102
German Shorthaired Pointer
Patterson’s Yellowstone River Basin SS11688506 German Wirehair Pointer
Barkley’s Spencer Pojke SR1442206 Golden Retriever
Birdwoods God Of Thunder SR91806904 Golden Retriever
Iron Hill’s Affectionate And Fruitful One SR89841702 Golden Retriever
OSM’s Amazing Koda Bear Of Camelot SR69160502 Golden Retriever
Patterson’s Yogi Bear SR82686003 Golden Retriever
Wakemup Flyingdog On Fire SR91168603 Golden Retriever
Wakemup Wild Night Out SR70083506
Golden Retriever
Eclipse none Goldendoodle
Tucker none Goldendoodle
Danes With Grace Spruce Goose WS68980603 Great Dane
Luizador Neon Great Dane
Southwind’s Hawker Hurricane WS74169901 Great Dane
Striders Jagger V Drogheda WP 789143/04 Great Dane
Striders KC Khan V Drogheda WP 585314/03 Great Dane
Zahir Great Dane
Gable Dodge Greyhound
Gable Oscar Greyhound
Gable Sour Cream Greyhound
Jackslittlething* Greyhound
Konomi HP60130601 Greyhound
Wigwam Wag Greyhound
Borna Pilot Greyhound
Bypass Byway Greyhound
Cricket Express Greyhound
Droopys Kewell Greyhound
Droopys Scholes Greyhound
Droopys Shearer Greyhound
Elbony Isambard Greyhound
Flying Culloden Greyhound
Fortune City Greyhound
Hi Noon Hero Greyhound
Hot Cruise Greyhound
Indian Ruler Greyhound
Invincible Son Greyhound
Joannestown Cash Greyhound
Jumper Jack Greyhound
Kelsos Ace High Greyhound
Phillip Glass Greyhound
Premier County Greyhound
TB’s Final Stand Greyhound
USS Cool Luke Greyhound
World Class Greyhound
WW Time Warp Greyhound
WW’s Power Press Greyhound
Yahoo Rader Greyhound
Knockabout Wok Greyhound
Priceless Rebel Greyhound
XKT Dave Turin Greyhound
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Hangin Tree Gunny 2021-1 Hangin Tree Cattle Dog
Metzlers Doc 084-2 Hanging Tree Cowdog
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Aiken 1561812 Irish Setter
Chaparral 1510727 Irish Setter
Kylies Rising Star 1615196 Irish Setter
Quantonas Rolling Rock SR87965104 Irish Setter
Sully Of The Knight SS27525712 Irish Setter
Tornado Alley 1627106 Irish Setter
Ballymuckleheany Huckleberry HP46885102 Irish Wolfhound
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Tebbe’s Jake SFSB218002 July Hound
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Academy’s Deacon Howl’n Amen SR76471609 Labrador Retriever
Barton Creeks Classic Glass “Zeiss” SN 729399/04 Labrador Retriever
Barton Creek’s O Mustad SN 80764908 Labrador Retriever
Bart’s Pequeno Negro Cosmo SR 06564201 Labrador Retriever
Bayou Teche Perfect Game SS0530302 Labrador Retriever
Bayou Teche Swing For The Fence SR81776208 Labrador Retriever
BC Silver Blade SR64622305 Labrador Retriever
Bearpoint’s Mad Max Maverick SS00589710 Labrador Retriever
Big Alfonse Capone of Mo-Kan SR25997907 Labrador Retriever
Birchcreek Iowa Pointing Labs Duke SR96085507 Labrador Retriever
Black Ice’s Buddy’s Baracuda Blue SS02573602 Labrador Retriever
Black Ice’s Super Sonic Scooter SR53451004 Labrador Retriever
Blackjack’s Boudy SR 44576301 Labrador Retriever
Blackwater’s Last Resort SR32629103 Labrador Retriever
Blue Shadow’s Shake ‘Em Up SR25997907 Labrador Retriever
Born A Road Warrior SS08167505 Labrador Retriever
BV Brown Bear Tuck SR34316810 Labrador Retriever
Calicreeks Somewhere Down In Texas SR85258402 Labrador Retriever
Calumet’s Wild Card SN 90360404 Labrador Retriever
Candlewood’s Luby Lou SR26307303 Labrador Retriever
Castile Creeks The Bigwoods On The Trinity SS18267708 Labrador Retriever
Castile CRK Valhallas Lucky Penny SR75332301 Labrador Retriever
Cody Cut A Lean Grade SR16082601 Labrador Retriever
Contender’s Law Dawg SR16082601 Labrador Retriever
Cudas Spring River Bottom Haas SR99176504 Labrador Retriever
Cuivrerivers Playinforkeeps SR 09552105 Labrador Retriever
Dared To Dream Maize SS01605304 Labrador Retriever
Double K’s High Voltage Zeus SR84256810 Labrador Retriever
Downtown Ruger’s Willie Dustin You SR66542207 Labrador Retriever
Downtown Rusty Brown SR50906004 Labrador Retriever
Downtown’s Bad Boy Boudreaux SR51429809 Labrador Retriever
Dreammeyer Storm Ryder of Red Cedar SR 41784902 Labrador Retriever
Duke De Negro II SR63690205 Labrador Retriever
Duke Of Campbell’s Clan SN 839650/07 Labrador Retriever
Eagles Ring Of Fire SR22117204 Labrador Retriever
Emmawood Drake’s Raising Cain SR88819602 Labrador Retriever
Fatcity’s Locked And Loaded SS00963403
Labrador Retriever
Flatlander’s I Can’t Drive 55 SR78945203 Labrador Retriever
FLK’s Shiftin’ Gears SS10004907 Labrador Retriever
Frankels Perfect Line Thunder SR80888403 Labrador Retriever
Havin A Flippin Good Time SR82304010 Labrador Retriever
Hunter Haven Buck SN 90795705 Labrador Retriever
Iron Lines Sergeant Pepper SN85179401 Labrador Retriever
Jazztime Last Chance V Pekisko SR10335801 Labrador Retriever
JD’s Gentleman Jack Duce SR 04566103 Labrador Retriever
Joey’s Zoom Zoom SN 83355408 Labrador Retriever
Kess’s Royal Flush SS01538905 Labrador Retriever
Kc’s General Of The County SS13728614 Labrador Retriever
Kingseeds Wild Thing SR93601205 Labrador Retriever
Lincoln Creek’s Requesting A Flyby SR68626504 Labrador Retriever
Lincoln Creek’s Shark Attack SR81388105 Labrador Retriever
Long Lake’s Low Flashpoint SR87630101 Labrador Retriever
Lonestar’s Batten Down The Hatches SR86338301 Labrador Retriever
Make It Happen Captain SR50548606 Labrador Retriever
Malarky’s Last Fast Track of Red Cedar SR51512207 Labrador Retriever
MB’s Hiwood Shark SN628555/09 Labrador Retriever
Moonstones Sea Biscuit Run SR15950202 Labrador Retriever
NCK’s Rock Chalk Jayhawk of TGK SR81524604 Labrador Retriever
Our Gangs Little Rascal Petey SS17297507 Labrador Retriever
Paddle Creek’s Carbon Grade SR57110304 Labrador Retriever
Paddle Creek’s Pack Your Grip SR 45883103 Labrador Retriever
Pendragon’s Hunt for Blue October SR87505506 Labrador Retriever
Red Cedar’s Cajun Hershey Heritage SR87031602 Labrador Retriever
Red Cedar’s Rippin Rough N Tuff SR47050907 Labrador Retriever
Revitt Up’s Power Surge SR76164013 Labrador Retriever
RJ’s SHow-Me Hunter SR76572509 Labrador Retriever
RMR’s North Star Lucas SR 59385201 Labrador Retriever
Royal Blue “Big Sexy” Nash SS02273412 Labrador Retriever
Ryker’s Not Chasin’ Charlie’s Angel SR99863107 Labrador Retriever
Sebastian Maitland Shooter SN 90567702 Labrador Retriever
Sharla’s Mighty Awesome Dusty JH SN 76327304 Labrador Retriever
Sir’s Mighty Eli SN 037267/10 Labrador Retriever
Smith Farms Trooper’s Montego SR34441103 Labrador Retriever
Stryker Ridge True Religion SS02954902 Labrador Retriever
Sundog’s Artic Timber SR57664003 Labrador Retriever
Sweet Swingn Fred SN92550604 Labrador Retriever
Swift Creek’s Scooter’s Supersonic Boom SR73881307 Labrador Retriever
Swift Creek’s Wanna Dip SR39651308 Labrador Retriever
Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown SN 932493/02
Cane: Dusty
Labrador Retriever
Ten Bears Judge Roy Bean SS19885806 Labrador Retriever
Texas Pointing Labs Nitros High Caliber JH “Cal” SR 382983/05 Labrador Retriever
The Great Sam SR35733508 Labrador Retriever
Tippecanoe’s Titan SR76004002 Labrador Retriever
TKO’s Tex SN 92689001 Labrador Retriever
TLC’s Orange Julius Caesar SN 635983/01 Labrador Retriever
TTF Apache’s Lil Triton Magnea SR 42601809 Labrador Retriever
TTF Burdman’s Cooper SS13110406 Labrador Retriever
Uodibar’s Special Relativity SR35500007 Labrador Retriever
Wannamakers Hot Tub SHof A25G SN 63329307 Labrador Retriever
War Eagle’s Rockin Cuda Blue SR14087108 Labrador Retriever
Watermarks BB Standing Ovation SR37336906 Labrador Retriever
Whitaker’s Ike SS12643101 Labrador Retriever
Westlake’s Straight From The Barrel SR83277402 Labrador Retriever
Wing Magic’s Santa Fe Jake SR61031803 Labrador Retriever
Bounty Hunter II UKC P514-235 Leopard Cur
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Hug-A-Mug’s Midnite Special WS15193702 Mastiff
Gizmo none Micro Bully
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Hurricane Keep My Dreams Afloat “Buoy” WS 31534602 Newfoundland
Watchbear’s Tallship Skipper WS 32927505 Newfoundland
Greyplume’s Biloxi Blue HM 815733/01 Norwegian Elkhound
Greyplume’s Gaining Momentum HM 760419/01 Norwegian Elkhound
Greyplume’s Ticket to Ride HM 624380/02 Norwegian Elkhound
Greyplume Denmar Montego Bay HN 007747/06 Norweigan Elkhound
Valimar’s Hot Breeze HM509270/04 Norweigan Elkhound
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Erin’s Southern Pride 1557309 Pointer
Elhew Distinction 1455958 Pointer
Elhew Explorer 1466695 Pointer
Elhew Fibber McGee 1483318 Pointer
Elhew G Force 16266994 Pointer
Elhew Gunner 1535330 Pointer
Elhew Jefferson 1466697 Pointer
Elhew Matador 1523243 Pointer
Elhew Rising Sun 1558305 Pointer
Elhew Seaman 1505423 Pointer
Elhew Texas Snakeye 1456601 Pointer
Gailen’s Lotto 1507933 Pointer
Greys Enter Sandman 1653612 Pointer
Jason’s Boulder FDSB1576129 Pointer
SF Slip Knot (Mac) 1551240 Pointer
Webers Little Bullet 1528244 Pointer
Amarugia Heir Strike FDSB1681931 Pointer
Blackhawk’s Flight Risk 162350 Pointer
Capitals Market Maker FDSB1618268 Pointer
Dunn’s Tried’N True FDSB1655258 Pointer
Elhew Sinbad FD1569508 Pointer
Field Dream Elhew Doc 1626343 Pointer
Field Dream Elhew Ringo 1597867 Pointer
Flashpan 1600346 Pointer
Funseekers Rebel FDSB1515825 Pointer
Gallant Son AFDSB1611279 Pointer
Greypointe Izquierda 1626873 Pointer
Hackberry’s Elhew Chief FDSB1679603 Pointer
Hackberry’s Elhew Cody 1657424 Pointer
Hackberry’s Elhew Hank 1661389 Pointer
Hackberry’s Ice Max FDSB1649896 Pointer
Hackberry’s Ice Patch 1649897 Pointer
Hackberry’s Rocket Man 1647413 Pointer
Honky Tonk Attitude 1440749 Pointer
Ice A Matic 1525922 Pointer
Line All The Way 1577808 Pointer
Merrihills Brute 1562048 Pointer
Miller’s On Line 1559830 Pointer
Miller’s Total Eclipse 1553102 Pointer
Mike’s White Hawk 1665676 Pointer
Peace Maker 1485414 Pointer
Ransom AF1620759 Pointer
Rivertons Funseekn Scooter FDSB1603497 Pointer
Shadow Mountain Jack 1643287 Pointer
Skyfall AF1646491 Pointer
Steve’s Elhew Bart 1577282 Pointer
Therapy FDSB 1337656 Pointer
Three Kansan’s Takin’ A Chance SR97702801 Pointer
Timberview Elhew Slick 1606513 Pointer
Troys Fibber McGee 1582047 Pointer
Troy’s White Powder 1546235 Pointer
Ward’s Danhawk 1614931 Pointer
Ward’s El Thunder 1643467 Pointer
Wiggins CC 1651058 Pointer
Wiggins Prairie Night 1497227 Pointer
Wiggins River Boss 1547929 Pointer
Wiggins River Dollar 1588803 Pointer
Wiggins River King 1558625 Pointer
Wiggins River Wild 1606352 Pointer
Wiggins War Trace 1628912 Pointer
Wild Razor 1651521 Pointer
Chief Poodle
Barkley’s Bayard Circumvents Snowork RN PR18021701 Poodle
Faun’s Gold Sir Clancy Walker PR17696803 Poodle
Hiro Poodle
Oakley Poodle
Faun’s Gold Sir Clancy Walker PR17696803 Pudelpointer
CrownPresa Odie Presa Canario
Mak9 Brio P754-477 Presa Canario
Oxbows Big Gun PP002352 PudelPointer
Rock Creek North Forty PP-005868 PudelPointer
Baron Axel Of The Bear River Clan PP-004794 PudelPointer
Windy Sade Rudy Red PP-005664 PudelPointer
Autumn Breeze Sirius Anticipation TS 09980602 Pug
Bousfields Preengagement II TR83513704 Pug
Jetta’s Pocket Maker By Ross TR 640551/01 Pug
Lamar’s Man About Town
TN 990322-02 Pug
Ruth’s Guardian Spirit of Chip TN 375340/01 Pug

*Owner is motivated to sell.

Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Bowser Von Der Capps WS47955702 Rottweiler
Dago Vom Turnleberg WS44111101 Rottweiler
Domino Eyes Black Rottweiler
Kandos The Only Way I Know WS44063301 Rottweiler
Kigen od Dragicevica 84378 Rottweiler
Lucky Timit-Tor WS62925901 Rottweiler
Medoc Vom Maulbeergraben WS32989101 Rottweiler
Moritz Von Evman WS49859602 Rottweiler
Rhino Vom Schwarzerwald WS51489802 Rottweiler
Tigar Vom Klicevo WS64848102 Rottweiler
Von Zennith Jacco WS 23111402 Rottweiler
Zion Vom Bustos Hause WS63950806 Rottweiler
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Jogoso’s Wild West At Pendragon NP56652101 Shiba Inu
Doctor Feel Good Shorty Bull
Tonda’s Qing Zitan 01-22884-14 Shorty Bull
Tonka Shorty Bull
Sheairs American Idol WS24905503 Siberian Husky
Anjo Blu’s Go-Getter TR50301601 Silky Terrier
Aico 528140000389207 Small Munsterlander
Iros Vom Kiefernwalde 06-0092 Small Munsterlander
Timber Trail’s Cedar SM003229/
Small Munsterlander
Zandor Vom Fuchseck SM003268/
Small Munsterlander
Hunting Hills’ Epic Creed P868-609 Small Munsterlander
LaCaccia’s B Sergio SS04598801
Small Munsterlander
Jet Pilot Ray SFSB 222710 Standard Foxhound
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Kris CK’s Additude PR 07578501 Toy Poodle
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Ruger Autumn Oaks
SR83970008 Vizsla
Stud Dog Reg Number Breed
Silverthorn’s Snapper Jim SR74522902,
Aux Lake Briley SR36737301 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Aux Lake Gotta Go Huntin’ SS12563705 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
BEC Duchasseur SN90058801 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Cupcake Des Vignes Rouges SR46936505 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Switchgrass Full Metal Jacket SR78466301 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon